Dacucar's Swedish-English Dictionary (Swedish Edition) por Darío Cutillas Carrillo

Dacucar's Swedish-English Dictionary (Swedish Edition) por Darío Cutillas Carrillo

Titulo del libro: Dacucar's Swedish-English Dictionary (Swedish Edition)

Autor: Darío Cutillas Carrillo

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 6, 2014


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Darío Cutillas Carrillo con Dacucar's Swedish-English Dictionary (Swedish Edition)

This single direction Swedish-English dictionary is a comprehensive dictionary that integrates smoothly in your Kindle e-reader just like the built-in dictionaries. That means that you can simply select a word and view its translation in a pop-up window (*).

It is built from the excellent “Folkets Lexikon” online resource and it is aimed for those who need a reliable reference when reading Swedish e-books.

There are currently 37907 entries. Entries include not only translations but also inflection forms, examples, compound forms, derivations, synonyms, etc.

The translations are reachable from the main form and its inflections, meaning that you won't have problems looking for a verb in past, a noun in definite form, and adjective in plural, etc. This is possible thanks to powerful algorithms built specifically for the Swedish language and what makes it different from competitors dictionaries.

(*) Note that this feature is not currently compatible with Kindle Fire or the Kindle Apps for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.