Behind Blue Eyes por Mark S Miller

Behind Blue Eyes por Mark S Miller

Titulo del libro: Behind Blue Eyes

Autor: Mark S Miller

Número de páginas: 236 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 28, 2017

ISBN: 0999244507

Editor: The Sheathed Quill Press

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Mark S Miller con Behind Blue Eyes

Páginas: 236 Géneros: 12:VS:Self-help & personal development 12:WTL:Travel writing 12:LAT:Legal profession: general Sinopsis: The true story of how an ERISA attorney ,transcended the confines of his corner office via a trip to the unknown. Travelling via a container ship, followed by a hypothermic climb up the side of a Ugandan mountain, to the Roof of Africa, the toe of Italy and the finish line of a marathon in Bordeaux, this is the story of how Mark S. Miller unplugged from Big Law, only to emerge back in that office energized like never before&mdash,resulting in the expansion of an already sophisticated law practice...and you can too. This book will