The Olympic Image por Wei Yew

The Olympic Image por Wei Yew

Titulo del libro: The Olympic Image

Autor: Wei Yew

Número de páginas: 448 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 1, 1996

ISBN: 0969443277

Editor: Books Nippan

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Wei Yew con The Olympic Image

Never before... .A work of art in itself, The Olympic Image is the first and only volume of its kind to be officially sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee to celebrate the first 100 years of the Modern Olympic Games. As you open your own commemorative edition of The Olympic Image for the first time, you'll experience a quiet ceremony of great designs. Images from every Olympic Games held over the past century have been thoughtfully selected and beautifully presented to capture the singular essence of each Olympic game, from Athens in 1896 to Atlanta in 1996. The product of five years of intensive research around the world, this book features 1,500 images selected from some 200,000 items examined by internationally renowned graphic designer Wei Yew. This book includes posters and pins, stamps and souvenirs, medals and mascots -- everything from architecture of venues to the tickets for events. Nothing says more eloquently about the Olympic ideals than the symbols and images for each Olympics. Since 1896, the quest to reflect the spirit of the host country and to embody Olympic traditions has drawn the best designers and artists of their times to achieve their finest works. For years to come, designers around the world will take pride in owning and displaying this commemorative edition of The Olympic Images -- The First 100 Years.