Sutton por J. R. Moehringer

Sutton por J. R. Moehringer

Titulo del libro: Sutton

Autor: J. R. Moehringer

ISBN: 0007489935

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J. R. Moehringer con Sutton

Paperback. Pub Date :2013-10-10 Pages: 416 Language: English Publisher: Harpercollins One of the most notorious criminals in American history is brought blazing back to life by a master storyteller.Willie Sutton was born in the squalid Irish slums of Brooklyn . in the first year of the twentieth century. and came of age at a time when banks were out of controlOver three decades. from Prohibition through the Great Depression. from the age of Al Capone until the reign of Murder Inc.. police called Sutton one of the most dangerous men in New York. and the FBI put him on its first-ever Most Wanted list. But the public loved him. He never fired a shot. after all. and his victims were merely those bloodsucking banks.Based on extensive research. Sutton is the moving story of an enigmatic man. an arch criminal driven by love. forever seeking the beautiful woman who led him into a li...


‘A terrific first novel by turns suspenseful, funny, romantic, and sad―in short, a book you won’t be able to put down’
John Burnham Schwartz, author of Reservation Road

‘Astonishing detail … an unerring sense of place and history … a fascinating portrait of a criminal’ People magazine

‘With a voice at once sentimental and muscular, Moehringer is like John Irving or Roddy Doyle … at its core the novel is a love letter to New York’ Entertainment Weekly

‘What Hilary Mantel did for Thomas Cromwell, J.R. Moehringer now does for Willie Sutton’ Newsday

J.R. Moehringer, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing in 2000, is a former national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. Author of the bestselling memoir, The Tender Bar, he is also the co-author of Open by Andre Agassi.